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Wills & Probate

Will and Estate matters are important considerations which are left without given the necessary attention.  Many people are unaware of what happens in case of sudden death without a Will in place.   

Our team of Will and Probate lawyers and consultants can help you with:

  • all steps of making a valid Will and the later appointment of an Executor; or  
  • all aspects of the Administration of the Estate of a Deceased, in the absence of a Will.

Our Practice

Our Will Advisory

We encourage our clients to consider having a Will.  Making a Will it helps you protect your interests and gives you a peace of mind knowing that your estate is taken care in case of sudden death. 

When drafting a Will, experienced assistance and proper legal advice is necessary so that you can understand the different options available while at the same time you ensure that the provisions of the law (Wills and Succession Law, CAP 195) are not violated.  Violating the provisions of the law may result to nullification of whole or part of the Will. 

A Will in Cyprus must:

  • Be signed in Cyprus
  • Have Executors who reside in Cyprus
  • Be witnessed by two (2) persons residing in Cyprus   

Our Estate Administration Services

When a person passes away, there are a number of matters which need to be dealt with. 

If the deceased left a valid Will, then the appointed Executor(s) have the responsibility to fulfill the deceased's wishes, according to the Will and subject to the Law.

In the absence of a Will, the deceased's family and inheritors will need to appoint the Administrators of the estate of the deceased.  Our Firm's lawyers and probation officers are regularly appointed as Administrators in order to duly fulfill all legal, tax and other obligations and then distribute the assets to the lawful inheritors.

The role of Executor or Administrator can be an onerous and task full one.  A deceased's estate can involve complex or valuable matters which the Executor or Administrator need to sort out in proper, fair and successful manner.  The Executor or Administrator is personally liable for properly administrating the deceased's estate and may found him or her self personally liable against the inheritors and against the Republic. 

Appointing a lawyer to be the Executor or Administrator will give you peace of mind that the process will be properly completed and the legal fees are settled by the deceased's estate.  

For more details as to how can we help you, please contact us now.