• AGP Escrow Services - Cyprus
  • AGP Escrow Services - Cyprus
  • AGP Escrow Services - Cyprus
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Escrow Services - Cyprus

Through our in-house dedicated team of highly qualified and experienced bankers and lawyers AGP is regurarly being trusted as the neutral third party Escrow Agent between business transactions in order to ensure, and secure, the completion of business or financial transactions, as the case may be. 

Why Escrow?

A professional Escrow Agent will help you successfully mitigate risks on business and financial transactions.  We enable you to close deals promptly, securely and without unforeseen surprises, from start to finish. 

For a buyer, we ensure that documents and/or funds are released according to the strict terms and conditions of the agreement between the parties.    

For a seller, we ensure that no documents and/or titles are transferred to the buyer unless we are strictly satisfied that the buyer has the funds and are available to be transferred to the seller, as per the parties agreement.

What and Escrow Agent can be used for?

  • As a guarantee for a successful completion of an agreement (such as a Share Purchase Agreement or an Option Agreement);
  • As a guarantee for a due performance of an agreement by all parties;
  • In all cases where a party worries of the counterparty's due performance;
  • Avoidance of unnecessary court actions and/or interim orders in the events of performance by one party alone.        

Our Practice

We assist and consult our clients of considering an Escrow Agency agreement when the circumstances dictate. 

We recommend the appointment of an Escrow Agent when we foresee likelihood of failure to perform by the other party.  We are experienced on drafting Escrow Agency agreements as well as being appointed as the neutral Escrow Agent, or even as a co-Escrow Agent.  We open and manage escrow accounts in Cyprus banks, either a as a sole agent or in co-appointment with the bank itself.