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Trustee Services

Trusts have been offering asset protection for hundreds of years and despite the changing lifestyle and business conditions over the years, they still offer multiple benefits. 

At a nutshell, the benefits of a Cyprus Trust can be summarized as follows:

  • Protection of assets and wealth for future security, from business failure, from future creditors or from a relationship breakdown
  • Tax planning and optimization; trusts can be subject to a low tax jurisdiction reducing therefore exposure to high taxes of your country of residence
  • Inheritance planning and retaining control over statutory disposition of assets   

Our Practice

We offer complete package of trust and trustee services, including:

  • Formation and management of Cyprus/Cypriot and foreign Trusts
  • Appointment of trustees for every type of trusts
  • Nominee appointments for private individuals and investments

Our experience involves the setting up and management of a variety of Cyprus Trust including Family Trusts, Business Trusts, Investment Trusts, Inheritance Trusts and Wills.