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Company Search in Cyprus & abroad

AGP offers company searches in Cyprus and at a number of jurisdictions.  Through access to the database of the "Department of Registrar of Companies" of Cyprus, as well as to the database of offshore Registries and other locations, we are able to find detailed information about companies such as their registered mortgages, their directors and shareholders as well as to receive copies of Company accounts. 

Our Services

Through undertaking a company search, we are able to provide you with detailed reports including:

  • Company registration summary and company history up-to-date
  • Key financial aspects of the company including mortgages, encumbrances and attachments, making you aware of the company's debts, if any
  • Details of registered directors, secretaries and shareholders
  • Registered address of the company
  • Associated Companies, if listed

The information we are able to gather and have it forwarded to you is publicly available and does not constitute violation of any data protection law.  In the event that trustee shareholders are appointed then the identity of the beneficial owners will not be available nor disclosed. 

Company searches are strongly recommended prior to a merger & acquisition transaction so us that you are well aware of whom you are dealing with.