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Immigration and Work Permit in Cyprus

Cyprus being an international business center for nearly two decades has resulted to large numbers of employees and personnel being employed from abroad and moving to Cyprus for their work.  It goes without saying that such employees require (a) residence permit and (b) work permit, unless they are citizens of the EU.      

EU Citizens

While certain formalities must be observed (registering with the Cyprus government, etc), EU/EEA citizens do not require neither a residence permit nor a work permit to take employment in Cyprus.

Non-EU Employees

Immigration and employment in Cyprus of citizens from countries outside the EU/EEA requires (a) advance residence permit from the Cyprus Migration Department, and (b) work permit.

Residence permit for the purpose of working as a foreign employee in Cyprus is given fairly freely to the employees of a Cyprus company of “foreign interests” (“foreign interest” requires at least 50% of the company’s share capital to belong to a foreigner or, its’ direct foreign capital investment to be at least €171.000); such permit is regularly known as the Temporary Residence Employment Permit.  

Eligible companies which fulfil the “foreign company” condition may employ third country nationals in the positions of executive directors, managers, middle-management staff, executive staff, other key personnel and supporting staff.  Minimum salaries apply for such employees and there are no restrictions on their residence period.  Family members are also entitled to resident permit but not work permit. 

For a detailed analysis about residence permits please refer to our Immigration & Residence Services section.

Our Services

AGP has an in-house experienced Immigration Team which is dedicated for assisting our international clients on their immigration and work permit needs, when setting up their international business in Cyprus.  

We will consult you on how to best structure your applications, we undertake the preparation and submission of all necessary forms and applications, we represent you before the authorities and we ensure the fastest and less onerous results.     

Setting up your business in Cyprus is one thing, employing foreign employees is certainly as vital.  We assist you on successfully obtaining all necessary permits from the local authorities, both for residence permit as well as for working permit. 

Bear in mind that failing to be compliant with the law may result to regulatory or even criminal offences against the company's director(s) as well as against the employee.