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Cyprus (CySEC) Binary Options License

A Binary Option trading is in fact a financial instrument as are forward contracts, CFDs etc (i.e. the same as forex).  It requires the same regulatory license as Forex Firms, however the share capital for a Binary Options firm depends to the Firm's services.   Binary Options trading is regulated in Cyprus and Malta, and may further be authorized to trade as such, under certain circumstances, in New Zealand as an FSPR. 

Our team of regulatory and compliance consultants is a pioneer in assisting our clients obtaining their Binary Options license in Cyprus. 

We help you register, license and establish your Binary Options Firm, in Cyprus, as a Market Maker, Broker or Tied Agent. 

"One-Stop-Shop" Service

Our team acts as "one-stop-shop" service provider offering the whole set up, from the preparation, drafting and submission of the application to CySEC to on-going post-submission support up to granting of the Binary Options CySEC license, authorizing therefore your Binary Options Firm to provide binary trading services according to the applicable laws.

For more details as to how can we help you, please contact us now.