• Electronic Money and Payment Institutions
  • Electronic Money and Payment Institutions
  • Electronic Money and Payment Institutions
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Electronic Money and Payment Institutions

Technological innovations in the digital payments industry, cloud technology, digital currencies (cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin) and mobile banking have created favorable conditions for the establishment of an increasing number of institutions in the sector of electronic money and of payment services.

A significant number of such companies that plan to operate in the EU consider to obtain their licence from the Central Bank of Cyprus. By choosing to do so, they are able to take advantage of its multiple benefits, such as its competitive tax regime and its favourable business environment, while being able to expand relatively easily their activities to the other EU member states. 

Our experienced AGP Regulatory Advisory Team ensures that your business can withstand regulatory scrutiny by providing you with our expertise on licensing and compliance matters through our comprehensive (one-stop-shop) packages for: 

In case you hesitate between these two licences, please read our relate article: What is the difference between EMI and PI licensing?

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