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Offshore Forex (FX) Licences

AGP Financial Advisory Team can assist you on setting up your offshore FX Investment business, depending your target market and budget.  Offshore FX licensing is for many clients an important start up factor for the business however advance consideration and counseling is vital.

Our Team is experienced on setting up and undertaking licensing in the following jurisdictions:

  • British Virgin islands (FSC);
  • Seychelles (SCB);
  • Mauritius (GBOT);
  • Bahamas (SCB);
  • Cayman Islands (CIMA).

Our Practice

Depending to the jurisdiction, AGP Financial Advisory Team is dedicated offering a "One-Stop-Shop" service according to the regulator's requirements.  In general, services include:

  • Consulting on investment services to be included in the application as well as on the design of the investment firm structure.
  • Registration of Company with a specially drafted Memorandum of Association (where necessary);
  • Completion of the Application Form and check-lists to be submitted to the Authorities;
  • Preparation and drafting of the required Internal Operations Manual according local regulations;
  • Preparation and drafting of the Business Plan and Financial Projections;
  • Preparation of the applicant’s Money Laundering Manual (where necessary);
  • Assistance on appointment of local directors and/or other staff, including assistance on the preparation of the company shareholder, director and senior management Questionnaires;
  • Application follow-up during the process of assessment by the regulator.

For more details as to how can we help you, please contact us now.