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Payroll Services

Payroll Services

Managing payroll efficiently is essential for the smooth operation of a business, as failure to carry out properly all payroll-related tasks may result in penalties. In order to avoid such risks, an increasing number of companies choose to outsource their payroll tasks in order to be able to focus on their main activities and avoid wasting time on formalities.

AGP can provide you with a comprehensive package of payroll services, among which are included the following:

  • Registration of the company as employer and of its employees with the relevant authorities;
  • Liaising with the Labour Office, the income tax authorities and the Department of Social Insurance for all payroll issues that may occur;
  • Drafting employment contracts;
  • Carrying out payments to employees and to the authorities;
  • Preparing and submitting tax returns and all other relevant forms;
  • Maintaining proper payment records as required by the legislation;
  • Advising on employment law and regulations, as well as on all legal and tax issues that may arise regarding the company’s payroll
  • Advising on immigration issues and assisting on applying for work and residence permits on behalf of the foreign employees of the company.

By letting AGP take care of your payroll, you can ensure that your company is at all times compliant with its payroll obligations and thereby you can focus on your main activities and the growth of your business.