• Trusts & Asset Protection AGP
  • Trusts & Asset Protection AGP
  • Trusts & Asset Protection AGP
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Trusts & Asset Protection

We provide high level independent Trustee and Fiduciary services.  We advise you on how to better structure your Trust, and how to best manage and administrate the same, in accordance to the Cyprus Domestic & International Trusts Law (CIT) of 1992, as well as in other jurisdictions such as BVI (VISTA), Panama and Cayman Trusts.

We encourage you to consider asset wealth protection as well as estate planning options through the adoption of advance planning Trust strategies. 

Cyprus Trusts can further offer unique tax planning opportunities and give you access to the wide network of Double Tax Treaties of Cyprus.     

Trust assets include bank deposits, real estate, cash, shares, jewellery and any kind of personal property. 

For more details about our Trust & Fiduciary Services please refer to our "Trustee & Fiduciary Services" section of this website.